Case Study


Froyo-to-Go Food Truck

Long-time client Tanya Rubin has been in the ice cream business for decades. Her most recent store, Froyo (established in Tampa, FL in 2010), was so successful that Tanya decided it was time to take her frozen treats on the road. Tanya explained her vision — “I want a food truck that is colorful and fun and has great characters that kids will love.” Netta drew up some very rough sketches to show illustrator Jason Platt what she was thinking. While Jason set up much nicer sketches and dove into the complex image, Netta created a new logo for the mobile business and planned out the configuration of the graphic elements to cover the entire vehicle. There were a lot of revisions along the way to get to the ultimate showstopper vehicle that Tanya, Netta, and Jason knew was dynamic, colorful, and fun enough to fulfill the original directive. The result is a dynamic  Froyo-to-Go truck that is in high demand. (Credit to Signs Now in Tampa for producing the vehicle vinyls so seamlessly.)