There are those in this world that find what they truly love and Netta Radice is certainly one of them. It was an absolute pleasure to have her exceptional skills put to use on my project. She has a contagious positive energy that creates a connection both with the client and her design work that is magical. Each of her offerings had a depth of thoughtfulness and clarity that created exceptional outcomes, the hardest part is making the decision on one specific design. If you are in need of a rockstar designer, look no further than Netta Radice Design, you’ll be thrilled you choose to work with such an incredible person.

Nabíla Piper | Owner | Sommelier
Sip With a Somm | Charleston, SC

Thank you again for your working with our family on our logo. You were able to distill our very vague thoughts and ideas into a very refined visual. We also appreciate just how well you were able to adapt and refine our suggestions to bring us a design that ultimately differed in style from what we thought we had wanted but was, in fact, just right and even surpassed that we had initially planned! It is still amazing to us that over the course of a brief initial meeting, you were able to ask the right questions (that we never would have considered) to really find the essence of what we wanted (versus what we THOUGHT we wanted). Then you turned those answers into a creative series of schemes so quickly and we came to final agreement in record time!  Thanks so much again!

Ferdinand J. Gallo III
The Gallo Family | New York

Netta has helped our small start-up company create award winning packaging in a highly competitive industry. She is a genius designer with a keen eye for detail, amazingly quick turn around time, and above all can translate a rough idea into a beautifully composed end product. Netta is more than ‘our’ graphic designer — she is an integral part of our team and a huge reason our products and company have been so successful.

Lee Nelson | Owner
Florida Distillery | Tampa, FL

I so appreciate the help and guidance I’ve received from Netta through the years.  She knows how to help out when there’s an emergency and she does a fantastic job of explaining the graphic details of a project in layman’s terms to our clients.  Her expertise and adaptability is invaluable and as a result we have several clients who have been with both of us for years.

Natalie Linville-Mass | Owner
Media Link, Inc. | Moline, IL

Netta has been a tremendous asset to our group, offering superbly elegant designs for a variety of packaging and collateral projects. Since our focus is on an international client list, I have been impressed with how quickly she grasps and ‘translates’ our customers’ desires into multi-cultural solutions with her signature flair. Thanks, Netta.

Al Hamman | Owner
Hamman Marketing Associates | Johnson City, TN

As the owner of a print-focused marketing and design company, we sometimes need help with our creative designs for our clients – we simply run out of steam and we need to fuel our creative juices.

That’s where Netta comes in. Over the many years we have been reaching out to her, she never fails to deliver exactly what we are needing.

Her designs are amazing, just look at her portfolio. But, what you can’t see is her ability to grasp concepts quickly and create designs that hit the mark each and every time.

She has never lets us down – she is a five star performer in every way. When we are in a jam, we love calling her up and  saying, “We need to be Netta-ized.

Kim Kramer | Owner
Marketing Momentum

Netta Radice Design is your best choice for all of your design needs. The Avon Historical Society recently created a monopoly game fundraiser for our small town.  Netta was able to take my simple sketches for design ideas and turn them into professional and creative components for our game.  Everything from the game board to the box top, money, game cards and directions for play was creatively produced into a perfect design.  She is a dream to work with and takes the time to zoom or call for even the smallest correction or change. I highly recommend that you hire her for any project large or small. You can’t go wrong when you hire Netta Radice Designs.  Your final product will be amazing!

Norah Magrini | President
Avon-by-the-Sea Historical Society 

I had to make a change in who my logo designer would be and I was on a tight timeline. Netta Radice Design came highly recommended. After viewing Netta’s work and one phone conversation, I knew she was the right professional for the job. Netta listened to the vision, understood immediately, and went to work. I found Netta to be exceptionally talented, creative, and efficient. She’s a real pro and a pleasure to work with.

Shannon Miller | Owner
CSM: Coach Shannon Miller | Calgary, Alberta

I’ve worked with Netta Radice Design, Inc. for over a decade. Netta is exceptional at taking developing concepts and creating fresh new design layouts. Banners, brochures, postcards, posters, you name it, Netta Radice Design produces creative, quality work and is always on deadline. Thank you Netta.

Laurie Mueller, D.C. | Dean of E-Learning
The Institute for Functional Medicine | Eastern Iowa Public College District

Netta is not only the finest graphic artist I have worked with, but her talent is only exceeded by her uncanny ability to take a raw idea of mine, and transform it into a powerful marketing piece, with little or no communication on my part. At this point, I consider her a crucial member of my team, and could not imagine having an effective marketing team without her multidimensional skills.

David Marcarian | President
MyoVision/Precision Biometrics | Seattle, Washington

Netta Radice Design’s motto is “the art of business,” and I can’t express how perfect that motto is. I run a successful business in a very competitive market, and that success is in part because of Netta Radice Design. Everything that I put in print relates exactly the image I want to portray, and catches the eye of our consumer. That is because I will not put ANYTHING in print without Netta Radice Design’s touch on it.

B.C. Henschen | Owner
Platinum Paws | Carmel, Indiana

Every business needs an attorney, an accountant, and Netta Radice Design. The success of our business is a result of the strategic branding created by Netta Radice and her team. Netta Radice has always provided us with top quality work that we can be proud of and show off to others. More often than not, when I need something tomorrow, Netta has the work done by today. Her service is unmatched!

Sandy Sachs, D.C. | Owner
Health in Motion to SLO Wellness | San Luis Obispo, California

As a fine artist, freelance illustrator, and art gallery owner, I have collaborated with Netta Radice on countless projects for more than 25 years, relying heavily upon her outstanding level of creativity, superb conceptual skills, and her wonderfully pleasant knack for artistic communication. Consistently, Netta has approached each and every project with an abundance of enthusiasm and professionalism which is clearly reflected in the exceptional quality of her design work. On top of all that, she is a joy to work with!

Tate Nation | Fine Artist/Illustrator
Charleston, South Carolina

I truly enjoy working with Netta Radice Design. She is consistently exceptional in the work she does for Schaeffer Eye Center and has helped us to create a cohesive look for our brand through a variety of collateral and online pieces. I have yet to miss a deadline and appreciate Netta’s commitment to her craft!

Joy Myers | Marketing Director
Schaeffer Eye Center | Birmingham, Alabama